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Weather Line • app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3072 ratings )
Weather Travel
Developer: Off Coast LLC
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.9.1, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 16 Oct 2013
App size: 6.72 Mb

Your brain processes images 60,000x FASTER than text. SEE your forecast.

⁕ 3x "Apps we Love" by Apple
⁕ 44x #1 Weather app
⁕ "My primary weather app" – John Gruber of Daring Fireball

⊘ We never track your location in the background.

VISUAL LINE - Built for quick glances. Bold colors quickly show temperature, condition, and precipitation. See 48 hours, 8 days, or 12 months. Available Worldwide.

SUPER ACCURATE - Dark Sky super accurate weather data (19 different sources!) and hyperlocal rain prediction.

HYPER LOCAL RAIN PREDICTION - State of the art rain forecasting down to the minute in the US, UK, Ireland, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico. Powered by Dark Sky.

MONTHLY AVERAGES - Average temperatures, precipitation, rain days, snow days, and more for any location in the world. Perfect for travel planning.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING REPORTS - NOAA severe weather alerts in app, in US & UK only (not push notifications).

▸ Worldwide
▸ Cities, zip codes, or airport codes
▸ "Feels Like" temperature
▸ High, Low, and Average temperatures
▸ Humidity
▸ Chance of Precipitation (rain, snow, or sleet)
▸ Wind speed and direction
▸ Dew Point (not avail on 5/5s/SE)
▸ UV Index (not avail on 5/5s/SE)
▸ Sunrise time
▸ Sunset time

▸ Avg High and Low temp for each month (plan your vacation!)
▸ Average Total Rainfall for each month
▸ Average Daily rainfall for each month
▸ Monthly Snow days (skiing!)
▸ Monthly Dry days
▸ Monthly Fog days

▸ Save space on your phone - super small app size (0.0016 GB)
⊘ NO background location tracking. Ever.

Email with any questions!

Pros and cons of Weather Line • app for iPhone and iPad

Weather Line • app good for

Would love a watch complication and app. Would also like it to be responsive and support iPad Pro.
Visual, direct and objective way, this app fulfills the role of status report promptly to the climate. Quick and focused on results to inform the user.
This is a very good app. Id like to let a few suggestions: try to include numbers on rain indicator (10mm, 40mm); get better the cities include, because Im with problems to put more than 3 locations.
Clean and well designed! Im a weather app junkie - and this one is certainly one of the best.
I have installed many weather apps and this is by far the best. The only thing I need is to be able to set the daily forecast as the default view. Highly recommend this app. Thanks for a great app.
Finally, a well designed weather app that uses for its data. I love the dark sky-style rain predictions. One thing would make this app even better: provide push notifications if its going to rain within, say, the next 15 minutes. Its flaw (still present in v.1.1) is that windspeed data seems very inaccurate. While the purple “breezy” icon faithfully tells you whether it’s windy outside, the actual windspeed displayed in km/h is wildly off compared to other weather apps (and reality). The other day we had a 60km/h windstorm and Weather Line was telling me it was only blowing at 11km/h. That could be dangerous! I live in Montreal fwiw.

Some bad moments

The design looks nice and minimalistic but the forecast for Dresden in Germany for example is completely wrong. Like temperature: Weather Line reports 9 Degree Celsius but ever other weather app on my iPhone says 13 Degree Celsius. Who might be wrong?
We are unable to change the location when the automatic location has been use. For example Quebec City has been automatic fixe but if we wont Quebec-Jean-Lesage airport it is impossible to chose it. Can you fix the problem? The app is great. Thanks.
This app is often 8-10 degrees C off of The actual temperature and Environment Canadas predictions. It leaves you as the only person on the block working off of some wildly inaccurate prediction. Also: the minute by minute rain prediction doesnt work in Calgary.
…but Weather Line says “Overcast, No precipitation for the hour, and 3km/hr winds”. More and more I’m finding what Weather Line says and what I see out my window are very different conditions. Deleting.
The wind is currently blowing 25-30 knots outside and this app says 5!!! if it can’t even get the current weather correct how can they expect to give accurate forecasts?
Great-looking app. Wish the features described were actually available. No short-term forecasting for Winnipeg, and the averages are all wrong.

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